Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Small Business Tips

How can an entrepreneur lose his entire team, save one and rebound to the pinnacle of achievement among his peers?

Enduring the loss of an experienced team, finding jobs in other states for displaced employees to work, handling an emotionally distraught customer base - all while having no permanent office from August 2014 through June 2015. My team achieved the coveted Chairman's Circle honor from the company I represent for two consecutive years following Katrina's unwelcome visit.

How can you come back from that and make Chairman's Circle in two years?

That involved losing people, rebuilding, starting over, and moving 30 miles from our original office.

Very responsibly, the insurance company I represent had made a decision to restrict the amount of homeowner's insurance we could offer. Essentially, they had said, "We talked to some weather forecasters and we believe that in the near future a Category 5 hurricane will hit and destroy New Orleans."

At the time, all I could see was that they wanted to take my opportunity away. I thought they were making up this story about a Category 5 hurricane that would hit New Orleans. We hadn't had a big hurricane hit New Orleans since Betsy in 1965.

I had begun slowly disengaging years before, but I reached my highest level of disengagement in 2004-a year before Katrina would attempt to drown our hopes and dreams. I was very bitter and thought I knew more than the company. I focused more on being a scratch golfer than on leading my team and being the example.

If you can relate, don't stop reading now! Do you realize you already have read the solution? That solution is recommitment. Now is the time for you to consider not only reading about it, but it's time to start living the recommitment solution.

I read my goals for Chairman's Circle several times every day. I had them taped to my credenza and thought about them all day, every day.

I enrolled my team in an Agency Development Program (ADP). It helped us to reengage, identify the building blocks, and to focus on being there for others and making a difference in their lives. ADP was about growth, finding common ground, reassessment, and self-evaluation.

I stumbled upon tandem appointments, which helped take us to the top. There were training benefits, multiline benefits, revenue benefits, and higher value benefits. I embraced Paper Days & People Days. My lunch hour was always intentional.

Entrepreneurs and small-business people are the most important people in my city (yours too, in case you haven't thought about it). People look to you for leadership- economically and emotionally, whether it is verbalized or not. You are always being observed. Realize that others will model your behavior, especially if they perceive you as being in a position of power and influence. Therefore, be extremely protective of how you spend your time and who you spend it with. Live your life by appointment and schedule your appointments for your up- coming month first. Before all other appointments. Set appointments for yourself to be alone, to read, ponder and be.

Why did I become reengaged? Because I felt needed again. It became about the customers and not about me.

Please share your ideas about staying motivated, recommitting to your goals and becoming more successful. Remember, I am always available for a free virtual cup of coffee to discuss your business! I want you to be successful.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Tips Short Wigs for Black Women

All wigs need to be shampooed regularly to keep them clean and in good condition. Your short wigs for black women, whether real hair or synthetic, should be shampooed at least every 10 to 14 days. If you work in conditions which can dirty the wig quickly, you may have to wash it more often. If the wig is exposed to conditions such as cigarette smoke, paint or oil fumes for instance you may want to wash it immediately after exposure to remove the odor which clings to the it.

To shampoo your short wigs for black women properly fill up the bathroom wash basin, about half full or more, with cool to lukewarm water. Use wig shampoo which is specially made for this purpose. If you cannot obtain wig shampoo use mild baby shampoo as a substitute. Put about one tablespoon of shampoo in the water and stir it around with your hand to mix well. Using a wig brush (not an ordinary hair brush) brush the wig gently. Now put the wig in the wash basin and pull it back and forth and around very gently. Continue this for a minute or two till the wig is well shampooed. Then hold the wig in a gentle flow of cold water from the tap till all the shampoo is washed out of it.

Now using a soft towel gently soak up all the water from the wig with a blotting action. Do this carefully and gently so as not to damage the wig. Never under any circumstances should you attempt to wring out the wig. At this point you can use a hair conditioner spray to help keep the wig soft and pliable.

The wig must now be dried by placing it over something which will hold it up. A styrofoam head which is smaller than the wig can be used. Do not stretch it over a larger head. Alternatively you can place it over something like a vase or bottle to dry. Do not put it out in the sun and do not brush the wig till it is completely dry.

If it is a human hair wig it is now ready to be styled with a blow dryer and curling tongs to whatever style you desire. If yours is a synthetic wig you must not use a blow dryer or any hot tools on it. To do so will ruin and melt the hair.Much of the process of shampooing,drying and styling your wig is just commonsense. Heed the wig makers instructions and work carefully to avoid any damage to your prized hairpiece.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Small Business Tips : How To Branding Your Business

Ten years ago I left behind the corporate world and started my own business.

It was absolutely terrifying. What I wasn't expecting was to find out that a decade on, at times, it still is.

Every small business owner gets The Fear - it's part of the deal. It's hardly surprising when you think of the risks we take, the burdens we shoulder.

I left behind a good job, a great salary and all sorts of perks and benefits, not least the peace of mind that every month the bills would be paid. But job security wasn't enough to fulfil me.

I wanted more - I wanted to make a great living doing work I loved; work that meant something to me; work that did good in the world; work that was an expression of my authentic self. I love coaching and writing, and I love helping others make a great living doing work they love. That was, and remains, my purpose, my guiding light - what I think of as my North Star.

My North Star guides me whatever's going on. It's an unshakeable, immovable source of guidance, a trusted point from which I can always navigate, no matter what's going on. It is the thing that drives me, and my business and makes it all worthwhile. It gives me courage - something all small business owners need in spades.

My father - owner of his own business, as was his father before him - gave me the greatest advice on that day ten years ago when I started out. He said: "Once you've worked for yourself you'll never go back to having a job again. When it's going well, there's nothing better in the world. But let me warn you - you will be awake at 4am worrying about where the next client is coming from. And when it's bad, it's terrible, because no-one else can shoulder the burden for you, it's yours alone.
So be sure you know why you're doing it."

Boy was he right! When it's going well, when there are clients lined up and the words are flowing onto the page, it's wonderful. I feel privileged and honoured to do the work I do. It's hard work, but it's not as hard as dragging yourself into a job you hate every day.

When it's not going so well, running your own business is the loneliest job in the world. There's no-one to share it with, no-one else really understands, and even if they do, they can't really help you. They can pour you another drink and listen while you sob about how hard it all is, but the buck stops with you, and you know it. No-one can make it work but you, and that's why you get The Fear.

When The Fear strikes, you need passion and purpose

That's why it's SO important to know WHY you do what you do. When there's no work lined up and you have no idea what to do about it that's when you need your passion - the core of your brand - most.

The Fear whispers that it's all for nothing; that it's going to fail; that it's all hopeless. What's the point? you ask yourself. And that's the question at the core of your brand and at the bottom of it all - what IS the bloody point?

The Fear doesn't care about KPIs

I had The Fear last weekend: a full on case of the wobbles, the 'what the heck am I doing's. Self-doubt filled my mind at night and endless lists of all the things I need to do filled my days. I have a great business coach and all sorts of plans and strategies, but they're nothing in the face of The Fear. When it strikes there is no logic, no list, no KPI in the world that can pacify it. The only thing that can counteract fear is love - cheesy I know - and in this case it's your love for what you do that counts.

Your North Star is the reason why you do it.

That thing that you do - that you love, that makes your heart sing, that you do in a way that no-one else does it - whatever it may be - that's what makes it all worthwhile. That's your North Star.

Whether it's writing and coaching or cooking or gardening or consulting or fixing people's gadgets or teaching people how to use social media or baking artisan bread; it doesn't matter what it is, as long as it's meaningful and feels like you have a purpose in life. That's what gives you the sense of fulfilment no job ever could - because it comes from the heart. And that's why it must be at the heart of your brand. It's central, critical, literally vital to what you do.

What to do when The Fear strikes

When you get The Fear, there are two things you must do. The first is to be very, very kind and gentle with yourself; don't give yourself a hard time, that's counterproductive. Treat yourself as you would a terrified child learning to swim - reassuring them that everything's going to be all right and they can do it.

The second is to look to your North Star for direction - remember why you do what you do, your sense of purpose, of passion and mission in the world. Tune into that part of your soul that remembers why you took this hard, winding, uphill road towards success, and listen to it. Because when you go back to that unshakeable truth, that immovable point of guidance, suddenly you will know what to do. You might not know everything you need to do, but the next step will become clear, I promise.

Small steps in the right direction

Then, slowly, get up off the floor, take a deep breath, and get back to it. It doesn't matter what you do, just do something related to your North Star, something that's heading in the right direction. Slowly but surely (sometimes quickly and surprisingly) you'll get back in the flow and the right clients will be drawn to you.

You'll thrive again, and The Fear will be pacified, until the next time.

And next time it strikes, you'll know how to greet it, and it won't be quite so terrifying.

So here's the big question: Do you know what your North Star is?

Do you know exactly what it is that you're passionate about in your business, what it is that drives you, gives your work meaning, gives you that magical sense of fulfilment?

If you want a clear, shining North Star that provides your brand with an unshakable source of guidance, then coaching with the Authentic Branding Company will help.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Beauty of Matroyshka Dolls

Traditional doll

"Matroyshka" - the word may not be instantly recognisable but there can't be many people who aren't aware of Russia's most famous and endearing souvenir - better known as the exquisite nesting dolls. With a history spanning over a century, the Matroyshka has become a symbol of motherhood from the very heart of Russia.

The craftsman who created the very first Matroyshka dolls in the late 1890's was one Vasily Zviozdochkin, at the Children's Education Workshop in Sergiev Possad near Moscow. This Workshop brought together a handful of professional artists and skilled craftsmen who were devoted to preserving Russian peasant crafts. This doll was made in such an innovative way that it could be taken apart to reveal smaller dolls hidden away inside one another - the smallest figure representing the baby of the family!

Before the Russian Revolution, the name "Matroyshka" was a popular choice for girls, as it was derived from the Latin root "mater" meaning mother. The name was associated with the image of a healthy mother figure and subsequently the word became a natural choice when it came to naming the nesting dolls.

The first Matroshka doll was painted in watercolours by the artist Sergey Malutin and he painted a peasant family, the largest of which he dressed in colourful scarf, apron and sarafan, the traditional Russian costume of a Russian peasant mother. He also painted this figure cradling a black rooster in her arms. Poultry have always been treated as pets by Russian villagers, so this was a popular choice by Sergey! The faces painted on these early Matroyshka dolls were oval with quite large heads, making the face dominate the whole body and so the dolls appear quite primitive.

The remaining seven wooden pieces which nestled inside this larger figure represented other siblings, each painted carrying a different household item, such as a broom, a bowl of porridge, a sickle and a baby brother! This was the smallest piece, which couldn't be taken apart and was painted as a baby wrapped in a quilt to show the warm, nurturing facet of the dolls.

This set was known as the "Rooster Girl" and has been reproduced countless times since its first crafting. You can find the original in the Toy Museum at Sergiev Possad.

Besides these traditional designs such as these, the Matroyshka dolls were painted with scenes from Russian fairy tales and legends, Russian architecture, together with religious and historic scenes. Iconography is still popular with sets depicting Lenin, political figures and even celebrities! Each intricate design is unique in its own individual way and is a work of art to be admired and treasured.

So, how exactly are these beautifully crafted dolls made? Well, the basic techniques have remained unchanged over the years, as skilled artisans craft the dolls from aspen, birch or alder. The trees are left to season for two years in the air until they are judged ready for carving on turning lathes. No plans or precise measurements are used, as each doll created is born out of the craftsman's keen eye and skill with his tools.

Many different styles of Matroyshka are available, each different from the other. There are those from the region of Semionovo which are famous for containing many pieces, the largest to date consisting of seventy two dolls! This piece was made in 1970, stands three feet tall and is dedicated to Lenin's birthday.

Polkhovsky Maidan, which is situated to the south-west of Nizhny Novgorod, is home to another style of Matroyshka. The first doll was made here in the 1930's and today these dolls are still recognisable by their primitive peasant designs in bright greens, yellows, blues and crimsons. The flowering dog-rose was also considered a main element of the designs, as this flower was considered a symbol of femininity, love and motherhood.

There are many old sets still in existence in collections today and some of the most unusual depict the "boyars" or old Russian noblemen and these sets can fetch hefty sums of money when sold.

In old Russia, Matroyshkas were passed from one generation to another and today, they still remain an all-embracing symbol of Russian folk art. The dolls are still as popular today as they have ever been and are bought by tourists all over the world visiting Russia. Two Matroyshka were even created specially and taken into orbit on June 29th 1982 by Russian astronauts!

Today's economic climate has made it harder for Russian craftsmen to buy the raw materials needed to continue creating these dolls, although there are still three main centres of production in Russia today - Sergiev Possad, Semionovo and Gorodezt. Here, craftsmen and women still produce the beautiful hand-crafted Matroyshka which really are unique works of art, capturing the imagination of all who see them. No trip to Russia seems complete without bringing home a set of these instantly recognisable nesting dolls.
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2015 Business Marketing Strategies

For many small business managers, finding the time and commitment to develop business marketing strategies is difficult. There are so many other obligations vying for our attention it is tempting to push formal strategy development to the back burner. Giving into that temptation, however, means putting your business at a disadvantage. Marketing strategies help point you toward the best marketing programs for your business. Without strategies, you risk becoming unfocused in your marketing efforts, choosing programs that do not support general strategies.

To be most effective, your marketing strategies should be integrated into your marketing plan (which in turn should be part of the business plan). By integrating strategies into your overall company plans, you can better achieve business objectives. Additionally, over time this will result in more consistent decision-making throughout the organization.

Integrating Marketing Strategies into the Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is similar in structure to a business plan, but with a narrower focus. Marketing plans include overall objectives; marketing strategies; and marketing programs, each progressively narrower in scope.

-- The objective addresses the big picture and sets the tone for your strategies. In general terms, your marketing plan objective answers the question "How will I overcome my main marketing challenge(s)?" If your company is a new Web-based business, for example, a main challenge may be figuring out how to use your Web site to better build client business. An objective, therefore, may be "To enhance online client service as well as build site awareness and interest with clients."

-- Marketing strategies support your objective. The strategies define general approaches you will take to meet your objective. For example, marketing strategies to support the above objective could include 1) improving online communication, information, and education, 2) building awareness of and interest in your company on the Internet, and 3) communicating the Web site's existence and advantages to existing clients.

-- Programs are the things you will do to bring your marketing strategies to life. Programs for strategy 2 in the above example (improving online communication, information, and education) could include 1) sharing experience and observations in your industry through participation in discussion boards, 2) offering an email newsletter, and 3) listing/submitting your site to targeted search engines and directories.

By keeping your business marketing strategies in mind as you initially choose marketing programs, then making adjustments throughout the year based on those strategies, you build a better foundation from which your business can grow.

Monday, September 22, 2014

What is Cheap Car Insurance For Women

Women are getting more independent in this modern era. They now have their own jobs and they are able to take care themselves without relying solely on men anymore. The same thing happens to driving as well. Women are now capable to drive themselves and they now own cars as well. Most of the countries are imposing law that all cars need to be insured with car insurance before they can be driven around on roads. Women are not exceptional in this matter. Therefore, we saw women are now busy searching for cheap car insurance for women.

Women are generally considered to be safer drivers compared to men drivers due to lower aggressiveness in driving. Thus, women will be offered with cheaper car insurance because of this reason. However, this offer might not be the cheapest offer yet, therefore, women can do more to get the lowest cost.

What a woman can do first is to shop around and compare rates between different insurance companies. She can always go to the companies herself to get the rates or take the easy way out by searching on the Internet. Some of them are offering cheaper policies for women. A woman can try to get more information from these companies as they might be giving out the best car policies that a woman need compared to others. Women who looking for cheap car insurance for women can also ask other women for their recommendations of women-friendly insurance companies.

Next, a woman can also try to take multiple policies with the same insurance company. A woman can try insuring her husband's car, her house and even her own medical coverage with the same company. As the respective company earns more profit from the woman as she takes up more than one policy, the woman will gain advantage to be able to negotiate for cheaper car insurance on the strength of having more than one policy with the same company. This will guarantee a better chance to get cheap car insurance for the woman.

Having a less attention-grabbing car will also help to get cheap car insurance for women. Attention-grabbing cars such as expensive sports cars mean that the car is more likely to attract thefts because of its high value in the market. The expensive cars also need higher costs to maintain and repair once they are worn out or damaged, not to mention having bad performance in terms of gas mileage. Getting a cheap and less flashy car will help women to save a lot in their insurance premiums.

Last but not least, women should also try their best to make their cars more protected. Even if they are driving less flashy cars, this does not guarantee that they will be free of theft and car damaging risks. Ensuring their cars to be in a safe state by fitting in security devices will help keep their cars more protected from any unlucky events. Insurance companies will consider giving these women cheaper car insurance plans if they have secured cars.
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Guide for Car Insurance For Women

There are many misconceptions when it comes to women drivers. Most men believe that women drivers are not at skilled at the art of driving. Let us look at the facts though. Compared to men, car insurance for women tends to be cheaper. In fact, it might be around 10 percent cheaper. This is a generalization and of course there will be some exceptions. Insurance companies have been in business for a long time. They have a huge amount of historical data that tells them about both men and women drivers. Let's examine some of their data.

Why Is Car Insurance For Women Cheaper?

Insurance companies establish premiums based on risk. Their data tells them that men have higher risk than women and therefore will have higher premiums to pay over the long run. Specifically, the data states the following:

On average, women get involved in fewer accidents than men.
The extent of the damage from such accidents is smaller as well.
Women typically commit fewer traffic violations than men.
Women buy fewer luxury vehicles and sports cars than men.
Women drivers are more likely to pass their driver licensing exams the first time.
All of these reasons are taken into consideration by insurance companies when establishing rates. They know what they are doing and analyze quite a bit of data to determine the premiums paid by their customers. Of course, previous driving record is always considered when calculating the rate.

Ways To Get Cheap Car Insurance For Women

If are looking for ways to decrease your car insurance premium, start by purchasing the right car. When I use the term "right car", I am referring to a vehicle that is inexpensive to insure. In general, the following cars are more expensive to insure:

Sports Cars and Luxury Vehicles
Big SUV's
Vehicles With High Repair Costs
Vehicles With A High Theft Record
New Cars With Advanced Technology Features
The best piece of advice is to get an auto insurance quote before purchasing a new or used car. Some people only consider the cost of the car and don't even think about the insurance rate until after the vehicle is purchased. This point might seem like common sense, but this is often overlooked. When speaking to an insurance agent, also be sure to inquire about auto insurance discounts, such as having a car alarm. Such discounts can greatly cut down on your insurance rate.
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